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SALSA! II for the PC is here!
The new, improved version.



SALSA! for Red Barricades is here!

If you have tried playing the Red Barricades missions from the ASL Journal, you have already seen these behemoth's need for SALSA!

[SALSA! for Red Barricades]


I need to apologize for those wanting the new 1.0 version. While it was virtually ready to be released, other commitments have usurped it. I plan to release as time permits, perhaps by this fall. The 1.0 version was only going to add some bug fixes and additional nationalities. If you can live without solitaire Italians or Dutch trucks, please feel free to download the existing version.

What is SALSA!?
A Solitaire ASL Assistant for the Macintosh and Windows

[Introduction] [System Requirements and Downloading] [Q] [What's New?]

SALSA! is a game assistant for playing SASL by automating die rolling sequences such as S? Activation, unit selection and attack priorities. It was designed to be used portables setup next to the SASL game itself. By automating the sequences, it is intended to simplify play by reducing excessive chart referencing and speeding up removing die rolling routines. It is not intended to be a computer replacement system for ASL nor automate the logic. While that may happen in much more distance releases, it is designed to encourage SASL and make SASL easier, quicker and, hence, more enjoyable.

SALSA!, the SASL Assistant, is by no means complete. There is substantial work still required and many options have been omitted for time restraints. I encourage all comments and will develop this aid as time and schedule permits. Feel free to contact me directly or check for periodic updates. As always it is available on both platforms, Macintosh and Windows.

As a bonus, read my Design Notes.

System requirements



Windows 95/98 or later, or
Windows NT 4 or later

SALSA! runs under Windows 3.1, but future
computability is not guaranteed. It has also been tested under NT 5, aka Windows 2000.

500k available memory.

Any Macintosh (PPC or 68k)
Color, Gray scale or B/W

500k available memory.

Download SALSA! 0.9.6
SALSA! for Windows
ZIP format: 101K.

Download SALSA! 0.9.6
SALSA! for Macintosh
BinHex format:
SALSAMac.sea.hqx. 189K.

Download SALSA for Red Barricades
RB SALSA! for Windows
ZIP format: 88K.
Last updated 4/10/99

Download SALSA for Red Barricades
RB SALSA! for Macintosh
BinHex format:
Last updated 4/10/99

SALSA! 0.9.6 versions include the application and documentation (in MS Word 6.0.1) SALSA! for Red Barricades does not (yet).

(Mostly questions; none are actually frequently asked)

What is SALSA! for Red Barricades?
This is a streamlined version of SALSA! specifically adapted to the ASL Journal's solo Red Barricades missions. It is a not the regular SALSA! version and references and features not directly pertinent to the Red Barricades missions are deleted.

What is new with the upcoming SALSA! 1.0?
While it was my intent to have provided full national coverage of Rick Lubben's new additions, time restricted me to only a few of them. However, there is a new window for map board selection, bridge placement and most importantly, S? determination and placement. Several bugs with saving and retrieving files have been fixed.

Now that versions for both platforms are out, what else can I expect?
I plan on supporting SALSA! in the future. As time allows, there are many features I want to include, bugs that need fixing and other mission support as they are published. I would like to have quarterly releases so check back at the start of each new season.

Are there any disclaimers I need to know about?
In fact there are. SALSA!, SALSA! Assistant, SALSA! for Red Barricades as well as the vowel 'a', the semivowel 'w' and the numeral '4' are trademarks or registered trademarks of Wayward Publications in the United States and/or other countries. Other product and company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. In other words, Robert Delwood and Wayward Publications owns all copyrights for this game assistant. All rights reserved. Reproduction of any portion without written permission is explicitly prohibited and borders foolishness anyway. This application may be copied and distributed for non-commercial reasons provided all documents are distributed together and at the same time.
© 1998 Wayward Publications. All rights reserved.

Where can I get more SASL action?
Check out Rick Lubben's Group SASL site. He sponsors a macro CG for SASLers as well as spending his own time adding other nationalities. A new SASL site is Peter Wenman's.

Who else should be recognized?
Icon artwork is by Carl Fung. He did a great job with them; they need to be seen and next time you see him, shake his hand in appreciation. Jack Kennedy provided additional Windows programming support; if the application runs thank him. My Wife; you would think not seeing me for long periods would be a good thing but she maintains otherwise and I love her for that.

What have people said about SALSA!?
"Right on !!!!!!!!!"
"I think you have the potential for a fantastic product!"
"Looks real good at first glance"
"Now I can play ASL at work."

It is well known that you hate West Highland Terriers and yet you have several of them. Why?
While technically this has nothing to do with my Squad Leader activities, the mammals are furry, cute and hard to resist.