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Those of you unfamiliar with ASL, it stands for Advanced Squad Leader, recreating WW II battles on a squad, or 10 men unit, level. The board game covers most aspects of the war from a listing of Dutch trucks to the ironically named Maus.


Best of Year 2004*
D e l w o o d.org does it again!

Best of Class, taking first and second place
Limited Ammo: The True Availability Number of 37 mm AP rounds before and after the tungsten strikes and races riots of South Africa 1938
The Secret Chilean Connection for Hitler's Tiger Tanks: Ball Valves no German Could Have Made
Best New Scenarios: Taking Time, Too Late for Building Bridges, Himmler Turns West
Best of Class Web site.

Best of Year 2003*

Top 9 Best Articles: Rethinking The Old Ways
Best New Module, Scenario Pack, or Miscellaneous Big Thing: SALSA II Nationality Paks
Top 3 ASL Websites

Best of Year 2002 was not held.
However, be assured Delwood.org would have taken the honors and awards.

Best of Year 2001
Delwood.org swept the competition again.

Top 12 Best Articles: Rules of Engagement with SASL Guidelines

Best New Module, Scenario Pack, or Miscellaneous Big Thing: SALSA II

Top 15 ASL Websites

Collectively, Delwood.org has won the following from years past.

Best of Year 2000 votes: SASL Is Not ASL - Top 11 Best Articles

Winner of the Top 14 ASL Websites, 1999

Winner of the Top 11 ASL Websites, 1998

*These could have been awards I might have won had there been a vote that year. Also, I never actually wrote those articles but I could have.


[top] Campaign Games, Tools, and Software
This is a collection of notes about our campaign games as well as SALSA player's aids for SASL.

SALSA! II - the new version

SALSA! II is available!

    Redesigned, SALSA! II offers new features and expandability. New modules*, new nationalities**, and speech recognition*** add up to a new dimension of SASL play. You can even write your own modules.

* SASL and Red Barricades from the Journal #1 is available.
**about seven with more to come..
*** actually a very cool feature.


A SASL Assistant and 
SALSA! for Red Barricades.

Designed to make SASL play easier, faster and more enjoyable. It is a first for the ASL community and there is nothing else like it. Both available for both Windows and Macintosh.

SALSA!. Play the SASL scenarios.
SALSA! for Red Barricades. Designed 
for the ASL Journal's RB adventures.

SALSA! for Red Barricades - Winner of the Top 7 New ASL Products of the Year, 1999

SALSA! - Winner of the Top 12 Best New ASL Products of the Year, 1998

Tractor Works!

CG II 'Seizing the Factory'  
We started a game; we ended it.
See what we did, how we did it, why we did it and
most importantly, why we will never do it again

Blood Reef: Tarawa

We've started CG II of Tarawa
For as dimwitted or incompetent of military leaders as we are, it's the cardboard heroes paying the ultimate price. See Sam Belcher and myself battles on the sands of Tarawa.

Landing and Wave Schedules
Two approaches to getting ashore

See Hell wouldn't have it (BRT 5).
Clearly, don't do what I did.

Blood Reef Tarawa
See our playtest notes

How would you do Tarawa?
See strategies about doing it.

Read memories about one survivor.
Operation Veritable
Riley's Road Campaign Game
See how Seattle's Jeff Newell plays Jim Roche in OVHS' CG
19 AM CG Date
19 PM CG Date

 [top] Kampfgruppe Peiper Articles
Our Houston group has played KGP perhaps more extensively that any other ASL group. Here are our notes, ideas, things to do and things not to do.

Kampfgruppe Peiper

An American in Stoumont
Game Analysis and Strategy Notes Kampfgruppe Peiper CG1: “Clash at Stoumont”

Phil Swanson, of Houston and Alabama fame, writes the most detailed review of CG1 on the Web. See his notes, ideas, favorite hexes, and even dirty tricks.

Tips for KGP I

Four Houston players make therir comments about the CG.

Want to know how to 
play KGP I?
Want to know what NOT to do? My experts list their tips.

Victory in KGP!

Our KGP game is over! See 
who won, who lost and how! 

Also, see the best and worst 
of our
Best and Worst

Tips for KGP III

Perhaps the only site for 
See what my Houston KGP experts think of this overlooked CG and maybe they can help you.


[top] Articles
An archive of ASL articles by me, others, or others and me.

12 Point Facing
12 point facing for ASL seems like such an easy adaptation that we're surprised it's not in the rules yet. See what we mean.
OBA, My Way
Could the OBA rules be any more complex? Perhaps, I propose realism to make it simple.
Operation Veritable Review
I review the 21st ASL module.
(As seen in the Wargamer.com)
How Many Shots With a Flamethrower?
Many people think they know this answer and even though they may be right, it's wrong.
Confused? Read on.
Squad Leader Paved The Road For Advanced Squad Leader
Are you a Squad Leader player who left in the forgin of ASL? Come back!
(As seen in the Armchair General's StrategyZone Online)
(Alternate location)
Loving Your Third Party ASL Provider
Third Party Producers have come under attack for reasons that make no sense. Love them or hate them but we need them.
SASL is great game but many don't like it because it's different than face-to-face ASL. That's the point!
(As seen in the ASL Journal #2)


The Role of Criticism in ASL
Does Avalon Hill fuel rules debates?
Here's my take on this.
Sesquipedalian maybe,
but no demurred veracity for me!

The New Errata is Out!
Check out latest errata for your favorite nonexistent scenario.


Abilene Bid System
The bid system is not dead! It lives
and it's back.
(As seen in Critical Hit)

Sing Along with Me!
Playing ASL to tunes.

Camera.gif (3720 bytes)Photo album
See the folks I play with both here and from Houston.

See Robert! See Dirk!
See Phil and understand why you should pretend not to know him if you ever meet.

Offense on the Ambeleve
How did Ambeleve, the largest scenario ever played, end? Updated with old materials for the first time!

March Madness 98
Reading my review will be like you were there. Now complete with a picture of me and tournament director Mike Reed.

Enfilade 99!
See what Seattle's premier ASL tournament was like. I didn't win but please read this anyway.

  March Madness 2000
The former ToT crew put a new twist in tournament play: Fog of War. This might be the only good thing to come outta Kansas.

 [top] Soap Box
I pontificate.

Cointoss.gif (2699 bytes)What I would do differently...

Tourney Tips

Running your own tournament?
Thinking about it?
See how we did it in Houston.


I Hate Secret Die Rolls

And I will tell you why.
But it's a different reason than you think.


Not quite an AAR, but my notes, ideas, tricks and tips for scenarios. In short, what I would do differently I if I played these scenarios next time.

Play Rumanians in Transylvanian Imbroglio


Have you seen any acts of intolerance
in the ASL community lately? I have. The True Eye reports all. Vigilance is the price we all have to pay.


Rules Lawyers?

Just say 'no.' Not to lawyers but the people that make the accusation.

DCs and FTs

Next time you get them - do not use them!
See what I mean.


Leaders - Do leaders purport to represent what they should? I think not.
House Rules Rule - With some common sense these rules guidelines make uncommon sense.
Houston Players - Check out who they are. As for me, I'm a proud Puget Sound ASLer now (that's Seattle, if you needed to ask).
March Madness 97 - The Kansas City ASL tourney. Even if you don't care how I did, check it out.
Clear Lake Area Gamers - CLAG. A wargame club for Houston.

[top] File Collections
A collection of useful files
IIFT(M)QRDC (Incremental IFT (Mini) Quick Reference Data Card) by Ole Boe.
(This is a very useful IFT/IIFT/CC chart in Adobe PDF format. That means you can print it out all you want)
AFV(M)QRDC (AFV Combat (Mini) Quick Reference Data Card) by Ole Boe.
(This is a very useful TH/TK chart in Adobe PDF format. That means you can print it out all you want)
Blank hex sheet. 12x12 long grain sheet in Adobe PDF format. Every Web site needs one.
Blank hex sheet. 12x12 long grain sheet in Postscript format. The more daring programmers can change the code to fit their needs.
Mike O'Leary's original guidelines for a solitaire ASL.


Links to other sites
By no means complete

The one site to visit besides mine:
Puget Sound ASL Players - http://members.aol.com/adsquadldr
See our Acrobat newsletter CX

[CX 1 Spring 1999]

[CX 2 Fall 1999]

[CX 3 Winter 2000]

[CX 4 Spring 2002]

Another site to visit besides mine and Puget Sound's
Southern California ASL Club Cross Roads: - http://www.socalasl.com/aslcrossroads.html

A collection of great cheat sheets
Mark Pitcavage's Desperation Morale Central: - http://www.sff.net/people/pitman/asl/asl.htm

Group Solitaire While it sounds like a contradiction, it's a worthwhile adventure for SASLers.
Group Solitaire ASL: -   http://www.netins.net/showcase/lubbensite/gsasl.htm

Mike Licari - I like his writing style.

TOM File Conversion
Not ASL but a cool (and free) PDF conversion tool.

Cary Siemers -

Advanced Squad Leader Mailing List.

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