This site covers and documents our DTW CG II game. It will be periodically updated. Additionally if I can find some witty and clever writers, it will include some witty and clever writing. Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments, some insight in the game or want to post your DTW writings here.


Questions and Answers
Actually, this is the main page.

Our game thus far
(8/1/98, turn 3)/(9/4/98 Turn 5)
(9/11/98 Turn 7 - yes Turn 7)

Russian set up

German Strategy for the CG

The game is over.
After seven turns the Russians concede. See our comments.

Russian Strategy for the CG

[Robert's Advanced Squad Leader page]

Test Your Game Knowledge!

Find the bogus game titles. There are three.

4th Reich, Attack of the Mutants, Awful Green Things, Battledroids, Box Cars, British Bulldog, Bug Eyed Monsters (They Want Our Women), Bunnies and Burrows, Cock Fight, Cosmic Whimpout, The Creature That Ate Sheboygan, Critter Commandos, Crude, Dinky Dungeons, Doors of Death, Escape From the Casbah, Fart, Fistful of Turkeys, Freaks and Friendlies, Galactic Creeps, Geriatric War, Grav-Ball, Great Alaskan Cleanup, Hack and Slash, Hoods and Heroes, Hungry Troll and the Goobos, It, It Came From the Late Show, JAM, Japanimayhem, Java Man, Kamp Kiljoy, Kata-Kiuch, Kreatures and Kin, Kung Fu 2000, Madame Guillotine, Monster Squash, Moonshine, Nuke'm Until They Glow, One Knight Stand, Panzer Pranks, Pizza Wars, Polywampus, Profits of the Airwaves, Rip off, Robots and Reptiles, Rub Out, Simian Conquest, Snake Eyes, Space Cadets, Stomp!, Suburban Slasher, Trolls in the Closet, Trust Me, Tyrannosaurus Wrecks, Twerps, Up Against the Wall Mother F*, Urk, Wabbit Wampage, Wiz-War, Womb Wars, Woof Meow Woof Woof, Year of the Rat, Zed, Zen.


Non Sequitur but Interesting
The following is a list of dates that various countries declared war on the Axis powers




poland 9/01/39 (attacked)
england 9/03/39
austrialia 9/03/39
france 9/03/39
india 9/03/39
new zealand 9/03/39
south africa 9/06/39
canada 9/10/39

norway 4/09/40 (attacked)
denmark 4/09/40 (attacked)
belgium 5/10/40 (attacked)
luxemburg 5/10/40 (attacked)
netherlands 5/10/40 (attacked)
greece 10/28/40 (attacked)
yugoslavia 4/06/41 (attacked)
syria 6/08/41
russia 6/22/41 (attacked)
iran 8/25/41

pananma 12/07/41
usa 12/08/41 (attacked)
china 12/08/41
costa rica 12/08/41
cuba 12/09/41
domin. rep 12/08/41
el salvador 12/08/41
guatemala 12/09/41
haiti 12/08/41
hondoras 12/08/41
nicaragua 12/11/41
czech 12/16/41 (exile gov)

mexico 5/22/42
brazil 8/22/42
ethiopia 12/14/42 (exile gov)

iraq 1/17/43
boliva 4/07/43
columbia 11/26/43

liberia 1/27/44
san marino 9/21/44

(and the risk takers...)
ecuador 2/02/45
paraguay 2/07/45
peru 2/12/45
uruguay 2/15/45
venezuela 2/15/45
turkey 2/23/45
egypt 2/24/45
lebanon 2/27/45
saudi arabia 3/01/45
argentina 3/27/45
chile 4/11/45 (war ends within the week)